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Source: WWE

The New WWE Title Redesign Features Some Pretty Obvious Design Choices but Still Looks Fresh


WWE fans have known for a while there would most likely be two new title designs revealed on WWE SmackDown. While one of the refreshes was a given, the second required a little bit of speculation.

Seeing as the WWE's Universal Champion switched brands from RAW to SmackDown, it was pretty easy to not only ascertain that that belt would get a makeover, but what the specifics of the facelift would be as well.

You really didn't need to be a rocket scientist to guess that the title would go from a red paint job to a blue one, given the nature of the two "opposing" brands. But what did come as a surprise was the wonderfully weird and whimsical way the refresh was unveiled to audiences.

If you're familiar with Bray Wyatt, then you know that the guy has a Master's Degree in off-putting, bizarre, and strange promos.