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Source: getty

How "Dirty" NYC Ended Up With the Best Tap Water in the U.S.


Next time you're taking a trip to the Big Apple, there's something you should know about New York City (and New York State in general, really): the tap water is actually delicious. Not only delicious, but pretty darn clean. Which might not gel with some people's "image" of NYC.

It's an image that's persisted from popular '70s and '80s flicks: New York is a dirty, gritty, no-holds-barred city. And while (some) of that still rings true today, the truth is it hasn't been that way for a while.

Midtown notoriously used to be a place that wasn't exactly kid-friendly; now it's a tourist trap filled with overpriced, crummy restaurants, Broadway shows that just won't die, and throngs of visitors trying to get the perfect selfie while angering commuters from NJ and Connecticut who are just trying to catch their trains back home so they can retreat to the suburbs. 

Other parts of the city underwent their own transformations.