Former Chicago Bears Running Back Calls NFL "Scripted"

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 28 2021, Updated 4:43 p.m. ET

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There's a long and storied history of sporting events that were "rigged"; the biggest scandal in the seedy underbelly of fixed-outcome athletics has to be the 1919 World Series game where the Chicago White Sox took on the Cincinnati Reds. Although there were acquittals abound in the case, the accused men involved were ultimately banned from the world of professional sports.

Now, sports conspiracy theorists are all in a tizzy after a former NFL player tweeted that games are "scripted."

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So, is the NFL really scripted?

It seems like Benny Cunningham wanted people to think so when he tweeted, "The NFL is scripted but they make us sign something so we can't go into detail... Tired of holding back.. Who want the full story .."

He sure made it sound like he had a saucy little scoop he was willing to sell to newspapers.

Predictably, tons of folks began flooding the former Chicago Bears running back for details.

In addition to the Bears, Benny also played for the Rams and Jaguars and was released by the Jacksonville franchise on August 11th, 2019. He's currently a free agent.

As to whether or not there's any truth to his claim that the NFL "rigs" games if you look back into recent events in the league, there are probably a number of instances fans would point to that could support that claim.

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And if you ask anyone who was rooting for the Falcons a few years ago, the Pats' come-from-behind victory looked like something that could only be written in a movie.

"Unlikely" outcome scenarios aside, there are throngs of armchair quarterbacks who believe that the "script" has more to do with less-than-scrupulous officiating in a game than it does with actual player collusion.

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There are plenty of videos on the internet where folks display their "indisputable proof" so the football watching world can finally wake up from their coma of sheeple-ness.

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It didn't take long for Benny to send out a follow-up tweet where he insists he was "just joking." Nice try, Benny, we all know that Roger Goodell got his goons to keep you quiet, now blow this entire thing wide open.

It's either that, or Benny's just joking around and coming up with some inventive ways to keep himself occupied during this COVID-19 pandemic, or, I'll submit yet another scenario.

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Benny's a free agent, correct? And while large-scale sporting events are pretty much suspended until this pandemic thing is all figured out, he may be doing his best to keep his name in the headlines so when things do start to pick back up, maybe he'll have a better shot at getting signed to another team in the interim. Here's hoping he's staying sharp during this time so he can hit the ground running once tryout season is upon us.

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Folks seemed to be very, very intrigued with what Benny had to say, however. And even though he said that he was just messing around, there are now a few individuals out there who are convinced there was some truth to Benny's original tweet, although most believe he's just having a laugh.

Do you believe that's the case? Is deflate-gate just the tip of the iceberg? Is Jerry Jones immortal? More on this important story as it develops.

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