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Source: iStock / Twitter

This 'Nice Guy' Got Super Creepy When Woman Refused to Reveal Her Home Address


First of all, I want to warn you that the texts in this conversation contain some really sensitive and potentially triggering language. It's bad, y'all. Being a woman trying to move through the world is not easy. Even if you are a woman trying to do something as simple as sell an iPhone, you may be met with toxic, dangerous men who make you feel unsafe.

That's exactly what happened in the appalling text conversation you are about to read. Twitter user @Swordsfall1 shared text screenshots from a woman who was just trying to get rid of an old iPhone. She was met with a "nice guy" who, when she insisted on meeting in a public space, lost it, became extremely creepy, and proved her point exactly.

It starts out pretty normal and innocent.

Source: Twitter