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Source: Getty

The Bosa Family Counts a Handful of NFL Players and a Mobster Among Its Members


Nick Bosa might only be 22 years old, but he is already hailed as the rookie sensation of this year's Super Bowl. The 49ers defensive end earned renown with his sensational technique and strong pass rate. 

However, he is far from the only person in the family to make the headlines. His grandfather, Eric Kumerow, and his father, John Bosa, played for the Miami Dolphins. His brother, Joey, is an NFL player as well. As to his great-grandparents? That's where the family chronicles take a dark turn.

Nick Bosa's great-grandfather was the most-dreaded mobster in Chicago.

“I wouldn’t say he’s impacted me too much [...] I didn’t get to know him too well. I wish I did." Nick explained in an interview with USA Today

Born in 1997, the rising football star and soon-to-be-named Defensive Rookie of the Year had no chance to meet with the black sheep of the family. Tony Accardo passed away in 1992, after six decades spent at the helm of the Chicago Outfit. He was Al Capone's successor, and according to many, a leader even more bellicose than the fabled criminal.