Man Shares How the Night Shift Is Shafted on Ice Cream Treat and It’s Honestly Not "Cool"

A man shared a video about the staff at his job getting treated to ice cream, but since he’s on the night shift, he was among the last to hear about it.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Aug. 1 2023, Updated 1:06 p.m. ET

At some places of work, there is a clear divide between a day shift crew and the night team. And in a TikTok shared by user RecoveringEmoKid, he explains just how wide that gap is. Honestly, it's in such a blatant way that will speak to the ice cream lovers in all of us. The TikTok creator shared in his video that employees where he works were treated to ice cream in the employee lounge refrigerator.

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However, by the time the night shift began, the ice cream was gone. I doubt it was management's goal for the day shift crew at the user's job location to literally eat all the ice cream and leave none for the next shift after theirs was over, but that's exactly what happened, and tons of other TikTok users have similar experiences they shared with RecoveringEmoKid.

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A man on the night shift doesn't get ice cream like the rest of the staff.

In the video, the TikTok user and jaded employee explains that when he arrived at work for the night shift, he saw a sign on one of the freezers offering ice cream as a treat to "help stay cool in this heat."

But when he opened the freezer, he saw just one nearly empty box of popsicles. To add insult to injury, he pans over to several empty boxes of frozen ice cream bars placed on top of the garbage can.

He says in the video that he thought it was "amazing" that the bosses thought of the employees to treat them. But being on the night crew means something different when there's also a day crew that comes before them.

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"Then I remembered that I'm a night-shifter," the user says in the TikTok. "And actually, we don't deserve anything nice. But I'm glad day shift got to enjoy some."

Although he keeps his cool (no pun intended) in his TikTok about missing out what was supposed to be a treat for everyone, I have to assume he's far more annoyed than he lets on.

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All employees want to be rewarded for hard work or for working in conditions that make the work extra hard. So to have the promise of that taken away and rubbed in his face is just too much.

I feel for him and I don't even know the guy. And he isn't alone in dealing with being left out on things as a night shift worker that the day shift is privy to.

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Other people who work the night shift understand the quiet outrage.

One of the other TikTok users who commented on RecoveringEmoKid's video about missing out on ice cream as a night shift worker had a similar experience with pizza.

"As a night shifter, I totally feel this," they wrote under the video. "'Oh, we bought pizza for everyone!' No. You bought pizza for day shift and don't want to put away leftovers."

Another shared, "LMAO. 'There's donuts!' There's one left and it's the worst flavor and there's a bite taken out of it." I'd like to say this was unavoidable for the TikTok creator's employers.

But, as another user commented with what their place of employment does in having a refrigerator and fridge cams for each shift, clearly, there was a way around this ice cream disaster.

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In other words, there is no conceivable reason for management to not make sure all employees are honored with whatever treat or method of appreciation that others get. Especially if they're all employees on the same level at the place of work. I just hope the user or anyone else on the night shift didn't throw out those empty ice cream bar boxes that the day shift left behind.

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