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Source: Facebook

'Deadliest Catch' Star Norman Hansen Suffers a Seizure on Camera


On the May 21 episode of Deadliest Catch, fans watched in horror as Norman Hansen, Captain Sig's brother, suffered a seizure while on board the Northwestern. The engineer’s sudden health crisis threw Sig for a loop and prevented the crew from getting a jump-start on opie season. 

Viewers witnessed the aftermath of Norman’s fall as the team did their best to stabilize him. "Roll him on his side," one crew member instructed. Another shouted, "Seizure! He’s having a seizure! He’s turning blue!"

When it was determined that the expert mechanic wasn’t breathing, one deckhand turned to the camera and yelled, "Don’t f--king film this."

Before the EMTs arrived, Norman once again gained consciousness, though there was a little blood where he had hit his head. "I think this is worse than we think," Sig admitted as his brother was transported to the local clinic. "That’s what I’m afraid of."