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Nostril Hair Extensions Are the Weird New Beauty Trend in Your Instagram Feed



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for the most part, I believe that statement to be true.

We can't really help the "types" that we're attracted to on a physical level. Personally, I find it difficult to be attracted to anyone who resembles a member of my family, because I immediately think of one of my aunts or cousins whenever I start talking to them.

This really narrowed my dating pool down when I was single.

Also, couple that with the fact that the dating pool is shallow already for over-talkative, swarthy, hairy, Eastern European men who look like they made sandwiches for a living, and the fact I found someone to date me, let alone marry and have children with me, is nothing short of a miracle.

That being said, I do think that there are certain qualities humans generally find to be attractive, overall.

Enthusiasm for life is a huge plus. Good hygiene is probably another one. Having most of your teeth and breath that doesn't reek like a coral reef left out in the sun? Also, another plus.

I'd probably add a lack of tendrils hanging from one's nostrils as a huge plus as well, but I could be wrong in this department.

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Because there's a beauty "trend" on Instagram that appears to have started way back in 2017. In these photos, noses are the centerpiece, and those noses are decorated with eyelash extensions. I don't know why people are doing this or how this became a thing.

It appears to have been started by Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen, and if you search for #nosehairextensions on the 'gram, you'll find plenty of other people gleefully rocking a look I could only politely describe as odd and not-so-politely as revolting.

Source: instagram
Source: instagram

There are definitely some people who are putting on the extensions — and posting videos of them applying them — as an obvious joke. Judging from some of the selfies I've been seeing people upload on Instagram, however, I'm starting to wonder whether people seriously think it looks good or not.

Then again, I don't really know much about beauty or fashion. I buy my clothes at Costco and use Lubriderm on my face as a moisturizer, so who am I to judge?

Source: instagram
Source: instagram

Some of the nose-hair jobs look like Halloween spider decorations came to life and then crawled up into people's noses to die, but again, I don't know if people are being facetious or not when they upload these bad boys to their Instagram pages. 

Source: instagram
Source: instagram

When it comes to accentuating hair on one's body, there are other trends on Instagram taking the beauty world by storm. Like women growing out their underarm hair and then decorating it with glitter.

Then there's the bushy eyebrows trend, which I still understand more than nostril extensions because you can't really help if you were born with especially furry brows or not

Source: instagram
Source: instagram

Will you be getting yourself dolled up with nose hair extensions for your next night out? Or do you think that this is a beauty trend that should go the way of that weird jerry-curl-fauxhawk-mullet that was popular for a minute in the mid 2000s?

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