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Woman Gives All Women Beauty Tip That Men Are Not Going To Like

Woman Gives All Women Beauty Tip That Men Are Not Going To Like
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7 months ago

I love me a good beauty tip, mostly because I'm fascinated with the art of modern magic that is makeup. I mean, just look at this amazingness:

And although I'm not one to really doll my face up with cosmetics (not that there's anything wrong with it, I just barely give enough time to combing my hair, let alone putting on a face) I'm a sucker for great beauty advice and am fascinated with the process.

But this one beauty tip that Sarah Day posted on Twitter doesn't take any time at all, and actually started an important conversation:

A conversation about women constantly being on the receiving end of men's emotional outbursts.

Or just dealing with men's emotions in general.

If you grew up in a patriarchal dominant family like mine, it always seemed like the emotional needs of men took precedent over women's, and judging by the response to Day's tweet, I don't think my upbringing was much different than anyone else's.

Heck, I'm married and even catch myself in my own tantrums and self-absorbed behavior.

So Day's message, although brief, is a powerful reminder that there are many different levels to equality.

Some people, though, must've not gotten the memo.

While others were simply convinced she hit the nail on the head.

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