Nurse Saw the Grim Reaper in Patient’s Bed the Night Before She Died

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Dec. 18 2023, Updated 12:12 p.m. ET

Death is an unavoidable part of life we all must face when the time comes. However, it’s understandable why many people avoid thinking about the actual time they will meet their maker. Hearing about death or even seeing it on TV is far less difficult than experiencing it up close.

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Those who work in the medical field can relate to seeing people die more frequently than people in other professions, although it doesn’t make it any easier once it happens. On TikTok, one nurse experienced seeing a patient pass away in a uniquely horrifying way. Instead of watching the patient die naturally, the nurse believes she saw a Grim Reaper, who took the patient to their final resting place.

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The Grim Reaper silhouette
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A nurse says she saw the Grim Reaper in her patient’s bed the night before she died.

Due to its frightening nature, death is often personified in movies, books, etc., as a character like the Grim Reaper. No matter how you’ve heard of them, the Grim Reaper typically fits the same look — a skeleton with a large black cape and an axe. Throughout history, the Grim Reaper has been known for taking humans’ souls once they died, although the character is considered mythological or fictional.

Although many don’t believe there’s an actual Grim Reaper among us, there have been several cases of people stating they’ve seen the scary one up close. In November 2023, TikTok user Teddy Love (@teddylove302) said she became a believer and thinks she saw the Grim Reaper take her patient’s life.

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Teddy, a nurse at her hospital’s Alzheimer's and Dementia unit, said she was watching her patients’ rooms during her night shift when she took a break to talk on the phone. While chatting with her friend, Teddy noticed someone in her patient’s room had reached over her patient’s face. Teddy worried something was off with her vision, as she knew no one was in the dark but her patient.

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Teddy was confident she wasn’t seeing things and that someone had entered her patient’s room. But no one was there when she checked on the patient. So, Teddy tucked the patient in and continued with her shift. However, when she went home, she made a disturbing realization.

“I get in my car, and I'm driving home thinking to myself, ‘What if I saw the Grim Reaper?’” Teddy said in her video.

The nurse concluded that if she did see the Grim Reaper that night, it would show when she returned to work the next day. She said if the patient wasn't in her room, she would know the Grim Reaper was responsible. Sure enough, during her next shift, Teddy went to her patient’s room and saw that she had died.

“She's not here, y'all,” Teddy said to her viewers, fighting back tears.

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Most of Teddy’s TikTok commenters agreed something was in the room with her patient.

Teddy’s belief that she saw death up close isn’t a new theory. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Ghost Hunters or even a Ghostbusters movie, you’ll know many average people have claimed to have witnessed paranormal activities in their homes or jobs.

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I believe Teddy could’ve seen something. However, since she works in a unit that provides care for elderly patients, I must point out that death on her floor probably happens often, and the patient’s death could have been an unfortunate coincidence.

What pushed me more on Teddy’s side was that other people on TikTok had similar experiences with the Grim Reaper and other death angels (no, not the band). Underneath Teddy’s video, she received several comments from healthcare workers who saw witnessed death at work or people who recalled seeing it at school or before a loved one passed on.

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“5 years as a long-term care CNA seen it a couple of times,” one commenter shared. “It’s called the angel of death sometimes; you may see it clearly, or it’ll be a quick shadow.”

“Angel of death came to my son several times before he was taken,” another woman shared.

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“I was bleeding out, and I saw it behind me in the mirror before I was rushed to the hospital,” said a third user. “My whole family sees it. Close calls.”

Unsurprisingly, Teddy also received comments from people who told her to leave the hospital expeditiously to avoid another run-in with the Grim Reaper. Several users suggested Teddy didn’t see the Grim Reaper, but a relative of the patient was sending her to her spiritual place. While it’s a theory to consider, no one knows except for the patient, who we hope is resting peacefully.

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