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The 'OutDaughtered' Family Has Two Houses in the Path of Hurricane Laura



In late August, Hurricane Laura — a Category 4 storm — was poised to tear through Louisiana and Texas, threatening catastrophic devastation to everything in its path. Fans of the TLC series OutDaughtered likely wondered at the time whether Adam and Danielle Busby and their six little girls were among those who would be affected by Laura. Not only that, but considering the Busbys moved semi-recently, viewers also wanted to know where, specifically, the reality TV family was living at the time.

The 'OutDaughtered' family lives in League City, Tex.

If you've been following Adam and Danielle's story since the beginning, then you'll know the couple moved from Lake Charles, La., to Houston, Tex., shortly after they got married. Season 1 of OutDaughtered followed the Busbys as they moved into a new home after welcoming their quintuplets, Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel. This house is located in the MarBella community in League City, Tex., and the family has made a ton of memories there.

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In December 2018, Adam and Danielle discovered their home had a serious mold problem when Ava became sick with a respiratory illness. This prompted the Busbys to evacuate the house ASAP in Season 5 and move into a rental home, which was a mere 10-minute drive from what they now call their "sick home."

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The original plan was for the Busby family to move back into their "sick home" after the mold issue was taken care of — so they signed a six-month lease. But as it often goes, plans change.

"We're still living the life of the molded home and still in transition of whatever that means, and we still have not settled on what's happening with our old home and where we're living now," Danielle told Good Housekeeping in July 2019. "So, it's just still a work in progress. We're still in a place and it's home for now, so we'll see what happens."

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"It definitely has the space that I think we need," Danielle said of the rental home. "The yard is the most beneficial, we like for the kids to play outside — we don't like our kids being on iPads and that kind of stuff. We want them to play and interact so there's a pool, there's a huge yard ... it's definitely a plus in that aspect."

She added, "I miss my big, big kitchen. It's a give and take on lots of different things ... there are things about my home that are getting repaired that I miss so much."

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Fast-forward to more than a year later, and it appears Adam and Danielle have either extended their original lease, or they decided to purchase the rental home. Because based on the photos on social media since then, the Busbys seem to still be living at the property.

The Busbys "hunkered down" ahead of Hurricane Laura.

On Aug. 26, both Adam and Danielle took to Instagram to let their followers know they were doing everything they could to keep their family and their home safe when Hurricane Laura hit.

"Hunkered down, roast in the oven and watching the weather channel," Adam captioned a photo of himself and Danielle hanging out on the couch. "Praying that the winds die down, because Laura is going to be pretty catastrophic."

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Earlier that day, Danielle posted an Instagram photo of the Busby girls swimming in their pool. "Buzz and Papa are still boarding up windows around the house," the mom of six wrote. "But Man!! Keeping 10 girls entertained ... mi[ght] as well let them have a quick swim before the hurricane hits."

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Hopefully, the OutDaughtered family is able to avoid the worst of Hurricane Laura's wrath — and that both of their homes in League City, Tex., come out the other side relatively unscathed.

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