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Source: Getty Images

Relax, Ozzy Osbourne Isn’t "on His Deathbed"


News flash: You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. I know, I know. It’s a shocking revelation. In the latest installment of Unfounded Internet Rumors, we heard that Ozzy Osbourne is on his deathbed. But — surprise, surprise — he’s actually not. Here’s the info we have about Ozzy’s health (which, again, is not failing).

Rumors that Ozzy Osbourne is on his deathbed recently began swirling online.

Celebrity death rumors are certainly not a new phenomenon — we’ve all seen the panicky posts on various social media networks saying that some celebrity has shockingly passed away or is facing some other tragedy. And because some people don’t do enough research before sharing shocking stuff online, the rumors spread like wildfire. Such was the case regarding Ozzy.