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Some Apartment-Dwellers Think Delivery Service Parcel Pending Is a Scam



If you live in an apartment complex, you're likely all too familiar with the old song and dance of trying to get your packages. Most apartments simply have a line of mailboxes with larger boxes that packages are delivered to, or UPS and FedEx bring goods to your door. But some unlucky individuals believe the delivery service Parcel Pending is actually a scam rather than some helpful package locker provider. Given the horror stories detailed online, the jury's still out on that matter. 

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It can already be difficult these days to get your mail if you receive items mostly via USPS, so it can be frustrating to think there's another potential layer to this madness that could complicate getting your packages even further. There's no concrete answer as to what kind of business Parcel Pending is running, but it doesn't seem that anyone is happy with how things are going there at the moment. Here's why people think Parcel Pending is a scam. 

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Is Parcel Pending really a scam?

According to reviews left across the internet and via the Better Business Bureau (BBB), some users believe Parcel Pending is indeed trying to scam them. What is it? It's a special delivery and package locker option that some apartment complexes have its residents sign up for in a bid to make package retrieval "easier," but it looks like it makes things much more difficult than they actually need to be. That defeats the purpose of having a better, "simpler" package service to begin with. 

One customer calls the system "not trustworthy," as they've had to contact the company to report items they did not receive, only to receive them days later after initially finding that the company was unresponsive. Another customer calls it the "worst system ever," explaining how she was forced to sign up for the company or else their apartment management would have made then pay a fee. This appears to be the case with many customers who involuntarily get signed up for the service to start.

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"Sometimes we go to pick up a package and the locker opens just fine, but is empty," the customer wrote. "Other times, we go to pick up a package and the locker won't open." She recounted spending 30+ minutes on hold every time she calls to have an issue sorted out. There are dozens of additional customers with virtually the same issues, all of whom note issues contacting the company and near-consistent problems with delivery over and over again. 

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"We live in a modern multi-apartment building where Parcel Pending came as part of the condo package," one user wrote. "In two years, only twice our packages were placed in the PP locker by the UPS driver. Same for all our neighbors. The rest of the time drivers drop the packages on the floor in the area near the PP lockers."

Though it's hard to call this alternative parcel locker solution a scam just yet, it's safe to say it certainly isn't fitting the bill for those who have been made to use it over the years. There's no definitive proof that the company is swindling anyone, but with customer service this allegedly poor, one has to wonder where to draw the line. 

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