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Source: Lifetime

The 'Patsy and Loretta' Lifetime Movie Explores Country Music's Greatest Friendship


Until recently, Lifetime movies have been fairly cheesy, "so bad it's good" entertainment, but there have been a few genuinely good ones, especially in recent years. And if I were the betting type, I'd put good money on Patsy and Loretta being legitimately amazing. Based on the friendship between country legends Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, the trailer is already generating a ton of buzz.

Here's everything you need to know about the Patsy and Loretta Lifetime movie cast.

Let's start with casting, which is pretty impeccable. Two absolute Broadway legends were tapped to fill the title roles. Megan Hilty may be best known for work on shows like Smash and The Good Wife, but she's an accomplished stage actress as well. And Jessie Mueller, who plays Loretta Lynn, has one Tony win for Best Actress in a Musical — and if Waitress hadn't debuted the same year as Hamilton, it would almost certainly be two— plus an additional three nominations.