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Source: Pavlok

Amazon is Selling a Bracelet That Shocks You For Spending Too Much Money or Eating Fast Food


We all have bad habits, whether it's smoking, spending all your money at 2 in the morning, or stuffing your face with way too many donuts. But now, there might be a way to beat those bad habits for those of us with little to no willpower. 

The Pavlok is a bracelet you can buy for $200 on Amazon. The interesting part? It's a shock bracelet, and every time you get a craving, you're supposed to turn on the juice. And with 150 zaps per charge and a companion smart phone app, you'll probably find yourself using it a lot. 

The idea is simple, if you're honest and give yourself a shock every time you have a craving, you'll start to associate that craving with pain and crave it less. 

Source: Amazon