Perfect circle game.
Source: TikTok

The TikTok Perfect Circle Game Is Drawing Millions of Viewers (and Players) per Day


May. 10 2021, Published 12:35 p.m. ET

By now everyone knows how easy it is for the most absolutely random things to go viral on TikTok. Now, the perfect circle game has become the latest craze that millions of users are playing and watching others (attempt to) play themselves. 

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But what exactly is the perfect circle game, and why has it gone so viral seemingly overnight? Here's a breakdown of the trend and how you can take part in it too.

Perfect circle game.
Source: TikTok
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The perfect circle game is free to play from any internet browser.

Thankfully (unlike other trends), playing the perfect circle game requires nothing more than access to the internet. The company Vole has developed and released the game as free to play for anyone who accesses their website, which can be found here.  

Players are first prompted by a lo-fi-style screen reminiscent of video games from yesteryear. The instructions are fairly clear: Draw a perfect circle using either a touch-screen device or a computer mouse, and the game will score your circle's level of perfection from 0 to 100 percent. 

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However, players will quickly learn that even achieving anything over 90 percent is quite difficult because the game is hyper-specific about what constitutes a perfect circle. Nonetheless, there are still a few clever ways to give yourself the upper hand when attempting your own perfect circle. 

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Here are a few tips and tricks for scoring as high as possible while playing the game.

Thankfully, there are a few ways that any player can get a higher score on the perfect circle game. One such method is by using a touch screen-sensitive stylus pen (if playing from a touch screen). This will more closely mimic the motor functions of using a regular pen and paper to draw a circle, something most people are more familiar with. Also, laying the device on a totally flat service will definitely help.

Beyond even that, hacks such as playing on a smaller screen will likely increase the circle's "perfect" percentage, since less surface area means less room for mistakes. Also, some users have claimed to find success when they simply traced something like a coffee mug or a roll of tape onto the screen, but a few videos have proven that even that doesn't always yield a perfect score!

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TikTok users have been going crazy trying to achieve a perfect score on video.

Ever since the perfect circle game started garnering attention, its hashtag on TikTok has grown exponentially as well. The #circlegame has amassed nearly 26 million total views, and within it can be found dozens of attempts from across the globe to find loopholes in order to beat the challenging game.

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Some have insinuated that you can confuse the game into giving you a perfect score by simply using a stylus to make one, perfect dot on the screen, but that has also yielded few positive results. Now, it seems as though other users have flipped the script on the game entirely, decided that a perfect score is impossible, and instead challenge one another to get the lowest possible score.

Regardless of which way you play it, the perfect circle game is wholesome, fun, and easy for anyone to play, promising hours of enjoyment (and scrolling on TikTok too!).

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