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Source: YouTube

'Psychic Kids' Star Peri Zarrella Is the Real Deal — and She Has a Master's Degree to Prove It!


When A&E's Psychic Kids reboot premiered in August 2019, fans of the original show were thrilled that Peri Zarrella and Ryan Michaels were back. Peri and Ryan, the original kids featured from 2009 to 2010, are all grown up now, and they're ready to mentor the next generation of young paranormal TV stars. 

So what have Psychic Kids' Peri Zarrella and Ryan Michaels been up to in the past decade? What do they do now? Here's what you should know!

After her rise to fame with Psychic Kids, Peri Zarrella went back to school.

According to Peri's website Perinormal.org, Peri is a graduate of Columbia University’s Masters Degree Program in clinical psychology and education from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute. She utilizes her education and personal experience "to deepen her understanding of energy as the common thread that links all of us to the past, present, and future."