25-Year-Old Says She "Doesn't Give a Toot" About Criticism for Living at Home

In a now-viral video, a woman explains how she benefits from living at home at the age of 25. There are perks to still living with her parents.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Oct. 20 2023, Updated 10:02 a.m. ET

When you're young, you dream about the day you can move out of your parents' house, break out from underneath their thumb, and get that long-awaited freedom. But for one TikTok user, @strawberrymilkmob, whose real name is Georgia, there are too many perks to living at home at the age of 25 that she isn't going anywhere just yet.

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With the mortgage rates what they are and many paychecks failing to match inflation, it's not surprising that some people prefer to live at home longer these days. And in some cases, people are embracing inter-generational housing as well, which does work for some. Apparently, leaving home isn't what it used to be, and for Georgia, she'll take her mom's freshly baked apple tart over the freedom of living alone somewhere.

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A woman describes the perks of living at home at age 25.

In addition to saving money on rent and avoiding the hassle of moving in general, Georgia appreciates being pampered a bit by remaining at home with her parents. She says in her video that after enjoying a leisurely bubble bath, she has something even better to look forward to downstairs.

And she takes her phone down with her to show viewers a freshly baked dessert and bottle of wine waiting for her on the counter, courtesy of her mom.

"Hey guys I'm 25 and I still live at home and my mom cooks food for me and you guys are like, 'hate hate hate hate,'" she says in the video. "Let me show you something, OK?"

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She walks downstairs into the kitchen and shows a close-up shot of an apple tart and bottle of wine. She then takes a bite of the tart, totally unbothered.

"I don't give a freakin' toot what you guys say," Georgia declares, as she enjoys her after-bath snack.

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With perks like that, can you blame her for wanting to remain at home for the foreseeable future? And it's not wrong to normalize remaining at home with your parents well into your 20s if it also means you have more time to ready yourself, mentally and financially, for life on your own.

Not to mention being able to spend more time with your parents and if you're choosing to live at home, chances are, you have a pretty solid relationship with them.

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Many have urged the woman to stay home as long as she can.

People in the comments under Georgia's video are applauding her for being honest about living at home and for choosing not to be in a rush to move out. I mean, if given the chance at that age, I might have taken a comfortable and loving home with no rent over struggling living on my own as a college student. So I get it.

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And a surprising number of people in the comments are doing exactly what Georgia is doing in choosing to live at home longer than might have been typical a few years ago. And like I said, there is certainly no shame in that.

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"I’m 29 and have moved back home for the [third] time," one user commented under the TikTok. "Not rushed to leave this time, my mom is getting older, and I'm enjoying every second I can."

That's definitely another unexpected benefit to living at home in your 20s.

"I’m 30 still living at home in a separate suite, moving out when I get married lol," one user commented. And that's not a bad idea either.

Someone else wrote, "Enjoy it, embrace it. I’m 36 and married and I still go to my parents' and do this. Just show them gratitude, that is all that matters!"

Something tells me that "enjoying it" is exactly what Georgia is doing. And I would absolutely do the same.

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