The Meaning Behind Mitt Romney's Secret Twitter Name "Pierre Delecto"

Here is everything you need to know about Mitt Romney's secret Twitter — include the meaning behind the name Pierre Delecto.

Anna Quintana - Author

Oct. 21 2019, Updated 12:12 p.m. ET

pierre delecto meaning
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When Mitt Romney was asked if he had a secret Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto, the former presidential candidate simply responded, "C’est Moi." 

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As expected, it didn't take long for political junkies to begin speculating the meaning behind Mitt's choice of "Pierre Delecto" as his lurker Twitter handle — and some of these predictions are pretty convincing. 

So, what does Pierre Delecto mean?

Many took to the social media platform to come up with the reasoning behind the name choice, and for some, it was Mitt's fluency (and response) in French that made them believe the handle was inspired by the foreign language.

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pierre delecto twitter
Source: Twitter

"Total speculation: it's a pun based on 'in pari delicto.' 'In pari' is replaced by 'Pierre' because Romney did his mission in France and speaks French, and 'delicto' (offense) is replaced with 'delecto' (delight)," one user wrote. "This explanation is also super dorky, and thus likely correct."

We can definitely see it. 

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Another user believes the name is actually referring to the Latin phrase, "In flagrante delicto (Latin: 'in blazing offense') or sometimes simply in flagrante (Latin: 'in blazing') is a legal term used to indicate that a criminal has been caught in the act of committing an offense."

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For most, the name was too funny to pass tweeting a joke or two. "Pierre Delecto??? Sounds like Mitt Romney's porn name or something," one follower quipped before another added, "What’s the French for 'pathetic  loser?'" 


Mitt Romney wouldn't be the first to hide behind a pseudonym on the internet. 

As news analyst Ana Navarro pointed out, Romney would hardly be the first politician to hide his identity on the world wide web. 

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mitt romney pierre delecto
Source: Twitter

In case you need a quick refresher, Anthony Weiner went under the name Carlos Danger when he was chatting online with Sydney Leathers, and David Dennison is just one of Donald Trump's alter egos — and the named he used when paying off his mistress Stormy Daniels. 

So, in comparison, Romney's secret Twitter habit is not too scandalous. 

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Why did Mitt Romney create a fake Twitter account in the first place? 

The 72-year-old told McCay Coppins of The Atlantic that he created "Pierre Delecto" — which is now set to private — to lurk. And basically defend himself against trolls. 

mitt romney donald trump
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"Jennifer, you need to take a breath. Maybe you can then acknowledge the people who agree with you in large measure even if not in every measure,” Romney tweeted earlier this year under the handle in response to Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. 

In another tweet, Romney also called out President Trump, writing, "John, agree on Trump's awful decision, but what could the Senate do to stop it?" 

A third read, "Loyal to principle trumps loyalty to party or person, right Brit?"

We can't wait to see what Trump tweets about this. 

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