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Source: Twitter

This Teacher's Most Disruptive Student Is the Future King of Comedy


Kids can be hilarious. Tiny little comedians, every one of them. If you've ever been a teacher, a camp counselor, or a babysitter, you probably have multiple unforgettable stories of things kids in your charge have said or done, whether they were intentionally funny or not.

One teacher, Erica Buddington recently decided to share the insanely funny antics of one of her former students, whom she calls "Stan," in a Twitter thread. And when I tell you that it is the best thing you will read all day, I really mean it. Stan is a legend. We stan Stan.

Source: Twitter

Stan's hilarious antics were well-known to Erica's Facebook friends, but she recently decided to share all her Stan stories on Twitter, and we are so glad she did. He's finally graduating, so Erica has a full three years of Stan stories to share with a captive audience. You might want to stretch your mouth muscles because I swear mine are sore from laughing so hard. This kid is a legend. He deserves to be on cereal boxes or something.