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Source: YouTube

Pixar's 'Kitbull' Tells the Tear-Jerking Story of an Unlikely Friendship


Since Up was released back in 2009, I've stopped watching Pixar movies in public. Coco quite literally made me ugly cry, and don't even get me started with Inside Out.

And the renowned animation studio released another heart-wrenching short film in early 2019 about two unlikely friends, that will — once again — have you reaching for those tissues. Seriously — Pixar's cat and pit bull duo in their latest production, Kitbull, will truly tug at those heartstrings.

Pixar's Kitbull is about the sweetest friendship ever between a cat and a pit bull. 

Kitbull is a tragic (yet seriously beautiful) story directed by Rosana Sullivan, about a stray cat and an abused pit bull who form an unlikely friendship. In the beginning, the cat is scared of the pit bull, who — despite his intimidating stature — seemingly wants to form a friendship.