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Here Are All the Pokemon Appearing in 'Detective Pikachu'



For the first time ever, there’s a live-action Pokémon movie in theaters featuring a few of our favorite pocket monsters from all generations of Pokémon. 

Just from the opening scene of the Detective Pikachu trailer, you can already spot a handful of Pokémon in the air and on the ground. 

Spotting them is just half the fun of this feature-length film but in case you get overwhelmed, we’ll give you the run-down of Pokémon... gotta catch em’ all! 

1. The latest trailer is teeming with different Pokemon

How many did you catch on your first or second viewing? Since there are so many, there's a good chance you probably missed out on a lot of them, especially with the other teaser trailers and ad spots on the internet. But don't worry, we've got you covered in case you missed a few.

(Note: some have multiple appearances across all trailers; we did our best to capture them all.)

2. Pikachu (duh)

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He’s yellow and he’s cute, but don’t be fooled by this movie’s hero because although he’s not into fighting, he’s a crime-solving badass that won’t stop until he gets to the bottom of his case. The witty, fuzzy creature is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, making him really stand out as the ever-loved main character.  

3. Psyduck, along with Jigglypuff and Gengar (as floaties)

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Here, we see the female lead Lucy (Kathryn Newton) standing next to a Psyduck, out on a reporting mission following a major story. Behind them float two balloons as if in a parade: one shaped like a Gengar and one like a Jigglypuff. 

4. Aipom

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Tim and Detective Pikachu get attacked by a group of toothy Aipom... beware the pearly whites! 

5. Emolga

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Gathered on top of food stalls, we see a group of Emolga in the busy market, and to the right, an Audino can be sighted too! 

6. Braviary (up close)

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Either that bird's stealing a purse or returning it to someone. Either way, what a majestic bird.

7. Bulbasaur and Morelull

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A picturesque scene shows a herd of Bulbosaur crossing the river with Detective Pikachu and Tim (Justice Smith), the male lead following as several Morellul hover about.  

8. Jigglypuff

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Singing on top of an old diner table, Jigglypuff gives an angry glare as he’s interrupted mid-tune.  

9. Charizard

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It was a very quick glance at the scaly, fire-breathing Charizard, but we can see that it’s fighting someone or something in a battle arena.  

10. Greninja

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A pack of Greninja slash the screen with their long slimy fingers as their long tongues wrap around their necks.. Not my idea of a cozy scarf but still totally awesome and scary. 

11. Mewtwo

Source: warner bros.

Looking more human-like than he has in other games, this genetically-created psychic Pokmon looks all sorts of intimidating in the trailer.

12. Squirtle and Rufflet

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There’s a crowd of people possibly watching a Pokémon match, but among the crowd you could see a Rufflet on the right and Squirtle on the left trying to get a glimpse of the action. 

13. Mr. Mime

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The already strange-looking Pokémon, Mr.Mime looks even more bizarre in live-action. Lots of details on this one: the wrinkles around the eyes and textured shoulder balls. What a magnificent work of animated art. 

14. Lickitung

Source: warner bros.

In the third teaser, we see this long-tongued Pokémon fully extend its 6.5-foot tongue on screen. And I thought giraffe’s had long tongues! 

15. Octillery Chef

Source: warner bros.

Just look at this Octopus serving up some delicious food to hardworking people looking for a meal. Love the industriousness of this Pokemon. There's also a Pamcha sitting down enjoying a meal.

16. Snubbull

Source: warner bros.

Grumpy face but loyal heart, the Snubbull is seen hanging out with his companion Detective Yoshida (Ken Watanabe).  

17. Joltik

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The beginning of the second trailer shoes these little things hurrying along electrical wires, kind of like squirrels I guess. 

18. Ludicolo

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Something about Ludicolo’s eyes as he’s serving Pikachu some coffee say that there’s a lot going on with him. 

19. Arcanine, Growlithe, Golurk, Charmander, and Squirtle

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The toughest of the toughest Pokémon serve alongside police officers at the station. Golurk make the best security guards and just like in the anime, Officer Jenny has a trusty Growlithe by her side.  

20. Machamp, Snorlax

Source: warner bros.

Directing traffic is a reliable Machamp while Snorlax is snoozing away and appearing from around a street sign, a Pancham lurks in the midst. along with a lone Jigglypuff on the steps (to the right).

21. Loudred

Source: warner bros.

It makes total sense that Loudred is hanging with the DJ crew at what seems to be an event of some sort. I'm guessing they're DJing an arena battle, as per the "Critical Hit!" message in the background.

22. Bouffalant

Source: warner bros.

In the trailer, the Bouffalant runs amok in an office. Maybe it's a disgruntled ex employee looking for revenge?

23. Gengar, Blastoise, and Magikarp

Source: warner bros.

Magikarp swim in a tank under the Loudred while a group of Gengar “geng” up on a lone Blastoise. 

24. Flareon

Source: warner bros.

Not sure why Flareon is glowing blue on a desk, but he’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! 

25. Rattata and Treecko

Source: warner bros.

In this Pokémon-filled scene, we see two new Poké-faces: you can barely see it but on the left,  there’s a Rattata on its hind legs and a Treekco on the top right.  

26. Clefairy, Octillery, and Audino

Source: warner bros.

The only way you're going to spot these Pokemon is if you pay extra special close attention, can you see them? 

27. Venusaur and Dodrio

Source: warner bros.

The Detective Pikachu casting video trailer gave us an up-close look at a lot of different Pokemon. Like the fully-evolved version of Bulbasaur.

28. Eevee

Source: warner bros.

Eevee looks kinda like it had the top of its head shaved here. The versatile, normal-type Pokemon does look cute as all heck, though.

29. Charmander, Bouffalant, Dodrio, Comfey, Fearow, Braviary, and Flabebe

Source: warner bros.

If you’re quick with your eyes, the trailer begins with Flabébé floating about with a Comfey and even a Fearow in the air. Look back down and you’ll see a Braviary and a Dodrio walking and a tiny Charmander in the left corner. Keep staring through the crowd and you’ll discover a Bouffalant out and about.  

30. Squirtle (he's in it a lot, yeah?)

Source: warner bros.

Here's fan-favorite Squirtle again, this time, we can get a better look at the cute little turtle.

31. Purrloin

Source: warner bros.

A sneaky cat with an excellent name. Not one of the "original" 151 Pokemon, but a cool cat nonetheless. (Persian's my top pick, though.)

32. Sneasel

Source: warner bros.

This furry ice-type Pokemon appeared in the teaser trailer and it looks like the designers did a good job of porting them to the silver screen.

33. Rufflet (up close)

Source: warner bros.

I wish there were owls in real life that looked like this floofy little dude.

34. Torterra

Source: warner bros.

Blastoise is a big turtle, Torterra is more like a tortoise. Please know the difference, thank you.

35. Treecko

Source: warner bros.

This fiesty little lizard is soon becoming a fan-favorite and I'm loving the designs/animations they came up with him for the film.

36. Kingler

Source: warner bros.

This crabby little guy dates back to Pokmon Red and Blue and they got him down pat. Look at that huge left claw!

37. Pidgeot (Pikachu riding)

Source: warner bros.

Speaking of birds, we can't forget the OG flying-type, Pidgeot!

38. Cubone

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Another interesting-looking Pokémon (with a sad backstory), Cubone shoots out of a Pokéball ready to fight! 

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