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Source: twitter

Chip Lovers Ranked the "Best" Chips in the Frito Lay Variety Pack and Mayhem Broke Loose


A tweet where men ranked the chips in the classic Frito-Lay variety pack went viral, and it's because people had very strong opinions on the junk food that they love most.

I love and adore chips, and so do my siblings. Growing up without any kind of junk food in a super traditional Eastern European family meant that stuff like ring-dings, ho-hos, and the ever elusive bag of Nacho Cheesier Doritos were a rare delicacy in our home. As was soda and flavored juices.

We pretty much ate the same traditional peasant fare for a lot of my childhood, which resulted in "Western" foods being absolutely demolished by our junk-deprived appetites whenever they'd pop up in our house. Couple that with the fact that my parents and grandparents came from a culture that thinks overfeeding children is healthy, and a box of cereal would be lucky if it lasted more than a day in our home.

The prized possession, however, was always chips. There was never a wrong time to eat them. Cracking open a small bag while on a car ride, watching a movie at home or playing video games, crunching away at a funeral, chips are always great.

But which ones reign supreme? While I could sit here and name bespoke chips that're only available in certain stores, that would be leaving a lot of people out of the conversation. So when we're talking about chips probably everybody knows, we gotta do large-scale, commercial style.

Like Frito-Lay, and these dudes ranked some of the common offerings in the standard variety pack you can find at pretty much any grocery store.