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Source: istock

This Girl Had to Get Surgery After Eating Too Many Spicy Chips


I don’t know about you, but when the spicy chip craze took off in the early aughts, I was an enthusiastic adopter. From Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to Takis to Jalapeño Kettle Brand chips, if it’s spicy and made by a mainstream snack brand, chances are I’ve tried it. And imagine my joy when I realized that hot Takis, the fuego chips once available exclusively in Latin America, were slowly creeping their way into my local bodega. 

It was a really good day.

But as anyone who’s enjoyed hot potato or corn chips can tell you (I’m looking at you, Katy Perry), for every incredible mouthful of spicy red powder you enjoy, there’s that exact same amount of stomach ache you have to endure the next day. 

And I suppose that’s your body’s way of saying to cool off on the hot chips for a minute. Your tummy’s telling you to snack on some regular Cheetos, grab a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch, or find another milder sour-cream-and-onion-type flavor to tide you over for the next couple of days. After all, there’s a reason Shakespeare popularized the idiom “too much of a good thing” — (bet you didn’t know that was Shakespeare)!