Woman Says Former Patient Had a Sprouting Potato Inside Her Lady Bits

A woman shared a story about a former patient of hers who had forgotten she had put a potato in her "lady garden" to use as a pessary.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jun. 28 2023, Published 2:25 p.m. ET

tiktokers  @nurse.connor and @rockmelissa
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Here's a story that will make you ask, "Wait, what?"

One woman on TikTok who previously worked in a hospital shared a story about an elderly patient she was helping who was having trouble urinating. After further investigation, the woman found out the bizarre reason why the patient was unable to pee — and yes, it involved an extremely misplaced potato.

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A woman was having trouble urinating due to potato she put in her "lady garden."

TikTok user @nurse.connor shared a video asking people in the medical industry what was the most off-guard thing a patient has ever asked them.

A woman named Melissa (@rockmelissa) stitched this video and shared a story about an elderly woman, estimated to be in her mid-90s, whom she was helping when she used to work in urology.

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As Melissa explained, "While the question itself did not catch me off guard, the source of the problem did."

You see, the elderly woman had asked Melissa why she could not urinate, which is a pretty fair question.

“Her bladder was so full. It was so uncomfortable. I felt so bad for her," Melissa explained. To help remedy this problem, the patient was given a bladder scan, and it was decided that a Foley catheter would be used to drain her bladder.

But as Melissa tried to put the device into the woman's bladder, she discovered something unusual. "When I went to put in the Foley down in her 'lady garden,' she had an actual lady garden. There were leaves coming out of the area."

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Melissa was beyond perplexed. She asked the patient why leaves were coming out of her "lady garden," and she responded, "Oh, I think I forgot to take out my potato."

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As the patient explained, she had put a potato up there "to help keep my bladder from falling out."

The potato was being used as a makeshift pessary, which is "a removable device that is inserted into the vagina (birth canal) to provide support in the area of a prolapse," per Cleveland Clinic.

“She had forgotten about it, and it had sprouted. It had vines. And it had leaves. And that was why she couldn’t pee," Melissa explained. And for the potato experts out there, Melissa clarified that the potato "wasn't a Yukon gold or anything." It was just a white potato.

That said, once she removed the potato from the patient, the problem was solved, and she could pee again.

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In the comment section, users had a lot to say. "How are my plants dying?" asked one user, seemingly curious about how a literal potato sprouted inside a woman's private parts.

Other comments teased: "I'm glad you hashed that out," and, "This is a great DIY."

tiktok comment
Source: tiktok
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Moreover, one user claimed that she thought the dried-up leaves were because she was using leaves as toilet paper. Not because she had a potato growing in there.

But another user knew precisely why the woman had used a potato instead of getting an actual pessary: "The source of the problem being unaccessible healthcare."

tiktok comment
Source: tiktok

That couldn't be a more true statement. And now, patients are trying to treat themselves to save money and time instead of seeking professional medical help. Until this changes, this probably won't be the last we hear of potato lady gardens.

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