Pregnant Woman Vetoes Her Fiancé's Family Rocking Chair — He Loses It

It doesn't matter what social media thinks because this dude says he's just gonna do whatever he wants. Neat!

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Mar. 27 2024, Published 10:25 p.m. ET

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My boyfriend and I frequently refer to each other as "fake adults." For example, I recently had a physical but before that it had been decades. I tend to treat my body like I treat my car, fix it when it breaks. Also, I'm very protective of my blood since I spend so much time with it. A real adult probably gets regular physicals. My person is the same way.

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Something I clock in the adult world is home decor. It's OK to still have things like posters on your wall as long as they are now surrounded by a fancy frame, as opposed to four thumbtacks. And when adults move in together and maybe start a family, what becomes of one's individual tastes? For one man, this is a conversation he and his fiancée neglected to have. She said no to his family's rocking chair when he wanted it in the nursery. Naturally, he turned to social media for help.

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We won't, we won't, rocking chair you.

According to @nicholasig13, his pregnant fiancée said no to the aforementioned rocking chair because it didn't fit the theme of the baby's room. In a viral tweet, he explained that his father bought this chair for his mother which she then sat in while nursing him and his sister. Unfortunately, his parents have since passed away.

It's important to point out that Nicholas put "theme" in quotes which suggests he either doesn't believe there really is a theme or doesn't care about it. This gave me pause, so I thought I would pop over to Nicholas's profile and was "shocked" to discover his "pronouns are guns/rifle/pistol." Oh dear.

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This doesn't bode well for what I assume is an upcoming gender reveal party. There is no way the guy who also describes himself as "too intelligent for this own good," doesn't want a boy. I've seen too many weird videos of men crying after pink confetti flew out of a fake cake. Perhaps his tweets will be more revealing.

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They certainly are. Nicholas's feed is primarily videos about guns, racist videos about immigrants, and as a palate cleanser: dog videos. Some of his responses in the tweet replies of the rocking chair query are starting to make more sense. When one person said, "Tell her, 'it wasn't a suggestion,' and then do as you please," he said, "That was my plan."

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Thankfully, most people seem to be on the side of his fiancée who probably wouldn't care for this semi-public flogging. Many a mom chimed in to say that nursing will involve hours in a chair, which means his fiancée should have the final say over what goes into the baby's room. As a reminder, she didn't tell Nicolas he couldn't have the chair at all. She simply asked that it live somewhere else in the house.

Nicholas has mentioned that the chair is an antique but if this man is in his 30s or even 40s, that's not an antique chair. Perhaps it was an antique when his father bought it but we'll never know, because he hasn't uploaded a photo yet. That's quite suspicious. Perhaps he knows if his fiancée sees the tweet with the photo, he'll be busted. Or, maybe Nicholas knows it's a hideous chair.

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A few people referenced nesting in the replies. Nicholas didn't respond to any of those, although I did notice he was able to reply to anyone who appeared to be on his side. Another bad sign!

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According to the American Pregnancy Association, nesting is the "overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby." It can involve cleaning and organizing your home or doing whatever is necessary to make your environment comfortable for you and the new baby. If his fiancée is nesting, it sounds like she knows what she wants to feel her best.

This whole thing is wrapped up in the loss of Nicholas's parents, which is probably intensified by the fact that he's about to become a dad. Sadly he is either unwilling or unable to articulate that pain and instead, is taking it out on his fiancée who merely wants the chair in a different room. That's the clear compromise, but Nicholas is determined to make her the bad guy. Hopefully, he changes his tune.

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