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People Can't Stop Roasting the New PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller



On April 7, Sony finally debuted the new PlayStation 5 controller and nearly broke the internet. Given that we still haven't seen a glimpse of the upcoming PlayStation 5 system, this is our first real taste of next-gen from the manufacturer. And we have to say it looks totally different from its predecessor. 

Gamers, meet the DualSense controller – no, not the DualShock, the DualSense. It's a pretty far departure from the last controller, which definitely explains all the memes. 

Oh, you hadn't heard? The controller has been kicking up an awful stink on social media, with plenty of people piping up to offer their thoughts on it, for better or for worse. It's one of the hottest memes going right now, and for good reason. It looks like a robot. It looks like an Xbox controller. It was wholly unexpected by gamers. And thus, a meme was born, because the internet will always jump on anything it can roast within half an inch of its life. Here are some of the funniest memes. 

The best PlayStation 5 controller memes

A good portion of PS5 enthusiasts couldn't get over how close the controller actually looked to the Xbox One's design. And to be honest, they're not too far off. 

Like two different Spider-Man actors, this new controller truly is on another level. 

It certainly looks like the two systems came together and had offspring. 

They're kind of like doppelgangers. 

It might not have been intentional, but it's super close. 

I mean, they're not wrong that it looks just like an Xbox controller. 

There were others still who didn't spend much time talking about the controller looking like a product of an Xbox One controller and a DualShock controller who loved each other very much, but don't get it twisted – they still had jokes. 

Good thing we never had the Boomerang controller. 

Some of these designs kind of slap, though. 

Maybe it just needs familiar coloring before we're okay with it.

It does sort of look like a lion's grin. 

And we can't forget about the recolors that people rushed to put together. The original PlayStation 5 controller is going to be black and white, but there are plenty of ideas people have about potential colorways. And to be honest, they look pretty great. Sony should be taking notes from all of the cool fan creations out there. Some of them are undoubtedly better than what we'll end up getting. 

Honestly, these are pretty cool. 

Totally not "trash," and would buy!

This is a fun, tongue-in-cheek reference. 

Sony actually explained some of the features of the controller and its unusual design in its official writeup over at the PlayStation Blog. The new design was created in an effort to keep what fans loved about the DualShock 4, while adding new features.

Source: Sony

The controller, for instance, added "a variety of powerful sensations you'll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud." It's going to be a powerful addition to the PlayStation 5, that's for sure. 

What are some of your favorite memes based off the new PS5 controller? It looks like the memes are just about all we have for the time being, because Sony has yet to release any additional information about the actual console just yet. 

If people are memeing up the controller this hard, just imagine when the actual system is shown off. It's going to be a madhouse on social media. And we'll be here to chronicle it all, because there's nothing funnier than gamers looking to roast a developer. 

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