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Source: Twitter

Twitch Suspended Streamer Quqco For Her "Sexually Suggestive" Cosplay


On September 15, Twitch user Quqco posted to Twitter that she got banned from the live streaming platform for wearing...a Chun-Li (from Streetfighter) costume? Seems a little extreme, right? She tweeted, "I just got banned again for wearing a Chun Li cosplay. I am fully covered. I don't understand @TwitchSupport @twitch how this is sexually suggestive content?" Quqco was wearing blue qipao and bun covers, and thigh-high slits that Twitch apparently thought was sexually suggestive

Quqco tells Kotaku, “I actually bought one size up to ensure that the slit wasn’t too high. The slit of this dress is cut lower than some runner shorts I own.”