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Source: Getty

Auschwitz Memorial Tells Visitors to Stop Taking Disrespectful Photos on the Train Tracks


The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, located on the former site of the Concentration Camp, receives millions of visitors every year. And while the vast majority visit to honor and remember the over 1 million people who were murdered there during the Second World War, there have been reports over the years of visitors disrespecting the site. 

In 2017, two British teenagers were found guilty of stealing items from the site. They were ordered by pay $1500 to a memorial fund for survivors of the camp. While last year, an Irish tourist was found guilty of using a coin to scratch his name on a wall

And earlier this week, the memorial took to Twitter to ask people to stop taking photos of themselves balancing on the site's train tracks. Hundreds of thousands of people arrived at the camp in cattle cars after being forcefully deported from Germany and occupied countries.