People Are Trolling Fans Who Want to See YouTuber Ranboo's Face

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ranboo has been hiding his face for years, but some think a face reveal was leaked on TikTok. Here's everything we know.

Kori Williams - Author

Aug. 25 2021, Published 6:07 p.m. ET

Anonymous YouTubers and internet personalities such as CorpseHusband and SwaggerSouls have been around for a while now. It gives creators the best of both worlds: they get all the fame and adoration while keeping people out of their business. Some have gained millions of followers without showing their faces.

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Youtuber and Twitch streamer Ranboo gained fame in a similar manner. But fans have been trying to figure out his identity for a while. Some people are saying images of his face have been leaked on TikTok. While fans on Twitter claim they have pictures of his face. Here's what we know.

People are saying that Ranboo did a face reveal that got leaked on TikTok.

As of now, Ranboo hasn't said anything about revealing his face for any personal milestone or special occasion. He's got millions of followers on the internet, so he's had plenty of opportunity to do so. But his signature black and white mask did have an accidental slip in 2021.

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According to The Sun, in April 2021, Ranboo's mask slipped while he was talking and his face was briefly visible. The video is no longer up but plenty of people got screenshots. He doesn't mind teasing his fans about revealing his face, though. He's made content with YouTuber tommyinnit, who tried to pull his mask down while on camera.

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In one video, tommyinnit and another YouTuber, Tubbo, can be seen trying to take down Ranboo's mask, while in another video tommyinnit pulls down Ranboo's mask but blurs the face before we can see anything. In fact, there are a few videos around where this happens. This is possibly a hint that Ranboo might do a face reveal one day on his own terms. But he hasn't confirmed anything.

Twitter is trolling the Ranboo face reveal.

Some Twitter users are taking advantage of the curiosity around the face reveal to gain eyeballs. Many tweets beginning with "Ranboo face leak?" feature random images. People are also promoting other creative endeavors while some are trolling with memes or pictures of tommyinnit.

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Source: Twitter

Even though Ranboo's mask has slipped occasionally, he continues wearing it and hasn't said anything about changing that. Fans definitely love the mystery and want to watch him make jokes in his kitchen and play Minecraft. And it certainly hasn't stopped him from gaining millions of followers on multiple platforms.

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