A Reddit Post About Two Brothers Reuniting After Years Apart Will Bring You to Tears

Allison DeGrushe - Author

May 10 2023, Published 4:46 p.m. ET

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On Feb. 8, 2016, a Redditor took to the "Off My Chest" subreddit and revealed that his older brother went missing years ago. The original poster recalled being very young at the time of his brother's disappearance, noting that he barely remembered him. However, the Redditor thought back to the days leading up to his brother's departure and eventually figured out what happened.

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Now that we've explained the basics, it's time to delve into the viral story of how two brothers reunited after years apart. You might want to grab some tissues because this is one emotional rollercoaster!

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The "I think I know what happened to my brother" Reddit post is so emo.

The deeply emotional post — titled "I think I know what happened to my brother" — has left many (including us) in tears. The OP recalled an older guy coming to his house and saw him hugging and kissing his brother. A few days later, the Redditor's brother left and never came back.

"All these years — decades — later, and I think he was in love with that man. I know he was," the Redditor wrote. "I think my brother left with that man, and they ran away together."

As he got older, the Redditor received mail that he believed was from his brother — but he never responded. He said his brother's disappearance destroyed his family (or so he thought). As it turns out, his parents found his brother; they were disgusted that he was gay, telling him they — and the Redditor — didn't want to see him.

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The Redditor eventually got his brother's phone number and contact information from the police, and the two had an emotional reunion that included meeting each other's spouses and kids. In the end, the Redditor officially cut ties with his homophobic parents and moved his family across the country to be closer to his brother.

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The post has generated a plethora of responses, with many in the comments expressing how happy they are that the brothers found their way back to each other after all this time.

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"This one made me tear up. I can't express how happy I am for this family," one person said. Another added that they had "tears running down my cheeks." A third Redditor wrote, "I can't ever imagine turning away my babies. How could you possibly hate your child because of who they love? Just so sad."

"I just cried so much," a fourth person shared. "There's so much of this story that a lot of us other Americans can see in our own families, but man, these guys are grown and all I can think is, 'Those poor, poor boys.' They missed so much and were more than let down by their parents — the people who were supposed to love and protect them."

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On the other hand, some believe the story is made up.

"Lol, nothing in this is real. Every sentence is something out of a creative writing exercise," one Redditor stated, while another person added that "everything sounds like the perfect setting for a story."

"I would like to believe this is real because it's such a happy ending for someone, but some of the details are just too extreme; it's Hollywood stuff, not things people do in real life," another Redditor claimed. "The brother immediately jumped on the plane, [with] no luggage and didn't even tell his husband and children, no text or anything? Come on."

What do you think? Did the story bring you to tears, or was it too far-fetched? Let us know!

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