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Guy Feels Awful for Rejecting Promposal From Girl With Disability After Being "Bullied" to Accept



It's easy to forget once you're out of high school just how traumatizing and high stakes the entire experience felt. Looking back now at those "golden years," you feel pretty dumb getting so incensed over petty fights, classroom squabbles, or struggling to establish some type of popularity and worrying about what college you'll get into.

And even though I went to a private Islamic school where fraternization with the opposite sex was strictly forbidden, I know how big of a deal prom is.

There's no shortage of sweet prom stories on the internet, either. Like that one kid who went to his with Kylie Jenner because he was such a huge fan and ran one of the biggest social media pages dedicated to the public figure/reality TV star/cosmetics mogul. And then there's always those heartwarming tales of the most popular person in school taking someone to the prom that wouldn't have a "chance" with them otherwise.

Which is precisely what's at the heart of the dilemma regarding this particular Redditor's conundrum. There's no easy way to write this story without coming off an insensitive or a little bit "problematic", or to make you feel anything other than awkward, but here goes.

On Reddit's AITA sub, a high school senior tells of a bit of a pickle he was put in. During his AP chemistry class, a fellow student who has cerebral palsy walked up to him holding a bouquet of flowers.

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Other classmates were holding up posters and when the young man read what was written on them, his heart sank. The girl had approached him, asking if he'd take her to prom. He was completely caught off guard with the promposal, and, several other students were recording the entire exchange. Looking at his classmate's earnest expression, and feeling like he was put in a situation where he'd be a complete monster if he said no, he told her that he would take her.

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It was a storybook moment. Everyone cheered, but the young man felt like he was being bullied into taking someone to the prom that he really didn't want to. He actually liked someone else whom he had developed feelings for over the past few months, and confirmed through mutual friends that she liked him back. It was her that he wanted to take to prom, not his fellow classmate that he's drifted apart from for months.

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The trouble is, when he went to break the news to the girl that ambushed him with the promposal, she understandably did not take it well, and he feels absolutely terrible for having to rescind his acceptance of prom offer and says he was immediately judged for doing so.

So he wanted to ask fellow Redditors if he was in the wrong for doing so. And it was difficult for anyone to say he was at fault, even the mother of someone with a disability said his conscience should be clear.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

The biggest reason why the majority of people felt that he wasn't an a-hole in any way, shape, or form is because of the way the promposal was sprung on him, and the guilt he had in having to rescind the offer. Plus his heart belonged to someone else and he intended on going with that other person. Never mind the fact that it's his senior prom, which is a big, big deal.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

Others felt like the group surrounding the young woman who "ambushed" him with the promposal were certainly very dense and guilty of trying to create a "feel good" social media moment for themselves, never once considering the emotions of the young man and the girl they thought they were helping.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

What do you think? Should he have told the other girl he liked the situation and that he really wanted to go to prom with her, but had to go with this other girl because he gave his word? Or was it crappy for people to put him in that situation to begin with?

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