'Resident Evil 4' Remake Spoilers Spread Like Wildfire Over the Internet

Anthony Jones - Author

Mar. 17 2023, Published 2:10 p.m. ET

'Resident Evil 4' Remake Spoilers
Source: Capcom

Ahead of its March 24 release date, the Resident Evil 4 remake has leaked thanks to certain retailers reportedly breaking their street date. From Twitter to TikTok, users with physical copies have posted crucial spoilers of the remade survival horror title.

If you don't care to get spoiled, here's a list of every massive spoiler we spotted that expands on the foundation of the original game.

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The 'Resident Evil 4' remake spoilers show footage of longtime characters in action and boss fights.

On March 13, the Resident Evil 4 remake spoilers first appeared via TikTok. Other platforms like Streamable, Twitter, and YouTube had their fair share of spoilers posted, but most have been scrubbed off the internet now due to the efforts of Capcom.

'Resident Evil 4' remake
Source: Capcom
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However, clips on TikTok are still at large, revealing footage of the entire remade Krauser fight, Ada and Luis talking, the Saddler boss fight transformation, and plenty more scenes. There's reportedly even an Albert Wesker scene in the game that someone posted on Streamable but later was removed from the platform.

Reddit users have created spoiler compilations you could click on to probably still find specific clips on the internet if you're willing to dive deep into what's there before release.

While the unexpected wave of spoilers for the game may have ruined some of the surprises the devs intended players to enjoy solo, they also glaringly exposed the remake's cut content.

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'Resident Evil 4' remake has cut the U-3 boss fight, the Separate Ways campaign, and more.

Based on early copies sent out and those who have posted spoilers online, several pieces of content from the original game have been cut from the Resident Evil 4 remake.

The U-3 boss fight, the Separate Ways campaign, Assignment Ada mode, Verdugo #2, and specific level sequences got cut from the new edition.

"That's lame. U3 was definitely one of the more memorable and creepy boss fights," said one Reddit user.

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'Resident Evil 4' remake
Source: Capcom

Another user on the thread speculates, "U3 and Verdugo #2 are probably Separate Ways DLC stuff."

The theory aligns with a reputable insider report from Dusk Golem on ResetEra, who stated, "Separate Ways is down the line DLC" and will be "longer and more fleshed out" than in the original game.

Of course, Capcom hasn't confirmed the DLC as of this writing. Although, it is plausible for Capcom to release additional content based on the developer's track record with Resident Evil Village.

The Resident Evil 4 remake will release on March 24 for PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S.

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