Restaurant Server Got "Rude" When a Party of 15 Randomly Showed Up

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 31 2024, Updated 4:48 p.m. ET

On a Friday in December 2023, I went out with two family members to dinner at a popular restaurant in the city. While I was waiting for a table (we called ahead of time to reserve one), an enormous group entered and flooded the already-bustling entrance. I overheard them asking the restaurant to accommodate a table for 11 people, although the entire party wasn't even present at the time.

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I was both impressed at the confidence and utterly gobsmacked by the audacity that these 11 people had to casually traipse into a popular restaurant on a Friday night with holiday-level crowds and expect to be seated without a reservation. I would never want to blindside any restaurant with that kind of poor planning.

That said, I find myself conflicted about Britt O's (@britt.ostofe) situation on TikTok. After all, she had quite a story to share after a restaurant server was rude to her and her party of 15. Here's what happened.

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This woman was shocked by her server's rude behavior toward her party of 15.

Britt had a bone to pick with a restaurant server who waited on her and her enormous party. While you might already find it easy to choose sides here, Britt does present her side of the story with as many details as possible.

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In her video, which has since been taken down, Britt recalls her negative interaction with a hostess at a restaurant after Britt came in with a party of 15 and asked to be seated. Here's what went down.

Now according to Britt, there were no other customers in the restaurant at the time except for three people at the bar. She even reportedly stated that they would have been understanding if they couldn't be taken in at such short notice.

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As Britt remembers it, the hostess responded with an eye roll and proceeded to display some sort of attitude when seating and serving the party. While Britt's husband wanted to remain polite during their time there, Britt was ready to order up some "petty spaghetti."

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According to Britt, she was prepared to "match her energy" by responding to her rudeness in kind. Although Britt didn't exactly go into detail on how the experience was overall, she claims that by the end of it, the hostess loved the group but didn't really enjoy Britt's company.

While it sounds like the whole thing fizzled out without much incident, Britt was still pretty upset at everything that went down. Although she remembers being "very kind" in the restaurant, she had plenty of words to spit about the hostess.

Unsurprisingly, the internet seems to have taken the hostess's side.

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In the comments section, many folks openly complained about Britt and how she initially had the nerve to show up with such a large party.

"You lost me at 15 people and no reservation," one person wrote.

Another person commented, "If you have time to plan for 15 people to gather and go out, you definitely have time [to] call beforehand."

Many were extremely curious about the hostess's perspective on the event.

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Britt even responded to comments in which folks called her a Karen and accused her of overestimating her entitlement. Britt argues that she shouldn't have to be accused of being a Karen for asking for "basic respect."

All I'm saying is that even for an empty restaurant, no one should have to cook for a party of 15 right off the bat without at least a few days prior notice.

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