Server Goes Viral for Debunking an Insulting Customer Review

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Jan. 17 2024, Updated 11:48 a.m. ET

server and customer fighting

Is the customer always right? Perhaps not.

After their restaurant received a scathing review online, the server who took care of the customer actually took to TikTok to address and debunk the customer's story in a now-viral video.

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And let's just say that this server's TikTok will make you think twice the next time you read a bad online review for a restaurant. Keep scrolling for the full story!

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Server unpacks a negative review their restaurant had gotten online in viral TikTok.

One TikToker and restaurant server named Matthew Daniel Gordon (@mattactorgordon) took to the platform to clear up some misconceptions about a scathing review a customer named Chloe had written about them and the restaurant they worked at. While the video has been taken down, we've got all the details on this server/customer interaction.

They share her long-winded review in their video which essentially claimed that the staff was rude and didn't accommodate the customer's friend who had allergies.

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Chloe writes that the restaurant would not give her a straightforward answer as to what ingredients were in the food.

"She ate about 2/5 of the main dish before she started having an allergic reaction. We ended up rushing home but I called later asking if there is anything [they] could do to help her. The restaurant could not have been more rude! They said, ‘next time you should check yourself.’"

Chloe continued to reiterate that people with allergies should not go there and that she is never eating there again. But according to Matthew, the restaurant did everything it could do to tailor to her friend.

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They explained that Chloe informed them that her friend was allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds.

"You know how I remember that at the top of my head?" Matthew asked in their video. They continued: "Because all of those things were put into our computer then they were printed twice, and then we spoke to the kitchen about them asking about all the ingredients about the food that you ordered.'"

Next, Matthew addressed the phone call as Chloe did call the restaurant after her friend's allergic reaction. “Let me correct you on what I actually told you over the phone, what I said was if you have food allergies it is your responsibility to research what kind of cuisine is served at a restaurant,” they say. “If it is too risky don’t eat there.”

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Then they began to list some very important details that Chloe conveniently didn't include in her review. They explained that Chloe and her friend almost left without paying their bill. They also noted that despite the fact that Chloe's friend was having an allergic reaction to the food, she still asked for the food to be packed up.

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On the phone, Matthew also claimed that Chloe immediately started yelling at the restaurant when they picked up. And if Chloe's friend did have a long list of allergies, they reasoned that she should have had an EpiPen on her as this likely has happened before when dining out,

Matthew also pointed out Chloe was the one who wrote the review. Chloe was the one who was complaining. It was never the friend with allergies who complained.

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"Chloe, I wasn’t rude. You were rude. You were rude to me and my fellow co-workers who did everything in our power to accommodate you and your friend,” they conclude. “And I’m glad you’re not coming back," Matthew said in the video.

In the comment section, many users believed that Chloe was the problem in this situation. "It sounds like Chloe didn't want to pay for her food and wanted a refund."

Another user really put Chloe in her place. "Chloe is the new Karen," they wrote.

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