Woman Invites 12 Friends for Dinner and Only Two Show Up — but the Internet Is Bullying Her for It

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Dec. 7 2023, Published 12:04 p.m. ET

Relationships become more challenging to balance with our hectic day-to-day lives as we age. One of the hardest relationships to maintain can be friendships. Between the hustle and bustle of keeping a job and other essential adult tasks, it’s easy for social calendars to fall by the wayside when life is too much to handle.

Although life happens to all of us, some loyal people show up for their friends, no matter what they have going on.

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There's the friend that attends every birthday party, baby shower, divorce party, you name it. And then there are the friends who seem to find something else to do when it’s time to celebrate their pals’ wins.

Finding out that most of your friends are the ones who can never celebrate with you is undoubtedly a punch to the ego. One woman on TikTok realized she probably should rethink her friend group after her celebratory dinner left her heartbroken.

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A woman invited 12 friends to her celebration dinner, and only two showed up.

Nearly everyone hosting an event for themselves has at least some fear that no one will show up to their party. There wouldn’t be TV or movie scenes about the horror happening if it wasn’t a valid concern for most of us. However, in many cases, the fear doesn’t come to fruition, and the people invited to the event show up to support their friend or loved one. Unfortunately, that wasn’t TikTok user Big Day’s (@dar.kiee) fortune.

In December 2023, Day planned a dinner at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate getting a new job. She said in her TikTok that she invited 12 of her “close friends” to the dinner and had even brought some balloons to make the table more festive.

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Day planned the party for 6 p.m. and expected to see all 12 of her guests arrive around that time. However, in her TikTok, she shared that it was now 7:18, and only two of her friends showed up at the dinner, waving to Day’s camera in the video.

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As she panned to her two friends, the table of empty chairs, and unused salsa bowls, Day expressed how disappointed she was in her friends for not supporting her. The TikToker declared she clocked her friends’ negligence and would be returning the favor when the time came to celebrate them.

“Don't nobody better invite me to their birthday stuff, [or] baby shower,” Day said. “B---- I’m not coming.”

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Day said her TikTok resulted in other commenters “bullying” her.

Day’s 30-second TikTok sparked some discourse in her comments, causing her to turn her comments off. After seeing what happened to Day, I’m not sure why she would be the one to blame for having bad friends.

We all have things going on and will inevitably have to miss significant events. However, Day said she’s historically been the friend that shows up for everyone, and if that’s the case, her friends are dead wrong for missing her event and seemingly not even telling her they weren’t coming.

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In another TikTok she posted the following day, Day made light of the hatred she received in her comments with a cheeky GRWM video, captioning it, “y’all done bullying me yet?” Underneath the video, the TikToker received supportive words from those who felt Day’s pain and believed she learned who had her back.

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“I’m not sure why people are bullying you for trying to celebrate yourself and expecting the ones closest to you to celebrate with you!!” one user commented. “Forget them!”

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“Your feelings are very valid,” another shared. “When you show up for people and celebrate them, you expect that in return, especially if we’re close friends. You deserve.”

“I’m here to say we have FRIENDS, and we ACQUAINTANCES!” said a third user. “That dinner showed who your FRIENDS are! Pay attention ❤️.”

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