Revolve Fest Is Being Compared to 2017's Fyre Festival – Inside the Drama

Unfortunately, it looks like the Revolve Festival is gaining notoriety for the same exact reasons Fyre Festival was a failure. Here’s what happened.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Apr. 18 2022, Published 2:23 p.m. ET

The Fyre Festival of 2017 was a debacle that will most likely never be forgotten. The fraudulent event was founded by a con artist named Billy McFarland who promised social media influencers the weekend of their lives –– if they were willing to shell out thousands of dollars. Upon arrival, guests quickly learned that the festival was a total scam filled with endless problems.

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Sleeping accommodations, food availability, security presence, artist cancellations, and other issues are the reason Fyre Festival gained its reputation for being one of the craziest faux pas in recent years. Unfortunately, it looks like Revolve Festival is gaining notoriety for the same exact reasons. Here’s what everyone should know.

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Here are details about the Revolve Festival drama. Is it related to Coachella?

Revolve Festival and Coachella are not the same thing — Revolve is an invite-only event hosted by the clothing brand Revolve during the same weekend as Coachella. It was created as a way to convince influencers to replace their original Coachella plans with something new. Revolve caught a lot of influencers' attention by offering free clothes, gorgeous backdrops, and ample opportunity to create content for Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Unfortunately, Revolve Fest didn’t end up working out in anyone’s favor this year. A creator named Avery Bishop posted a video on TikTok describing the chaotic situation, saying, “The only way you can get to Revolve Festival is if you take their specific shuttles into the ground. I didn't even get into the festival you guys, I waited in line for two hours. There was pushing, shoving, fighting, yanking people in front of the buses, people standing in between buses while they were removing, just to get on these buses and get to Revolve Festival. Sorry Revolve, but I really hope you take into consideration everyone's safety and security next year."

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Avery came with receipts to back up her anecdotes. She added footage of dozens of people waiting in a “dangerous" situation for buses. Another creator by the name of Kristi Howard also opened up about her experience and utter disappointment.

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She said, “Now, I love Revolve. Everything I wear is Revolve. But Revolve Festival was a s--t show. It was a disaster.” She further explained how much money she wasted on transportation hoping that she was about to partake in a huge opportunity to expand her social media career through networking. She was ready to meet her social media friends in real life. None of that worked out the way she wanted it to.

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How is Kendall Jenner involved?

Kendall Jenner was involved in the ill-fated Fyre Festival debacle when she agreed to model for the festival's advertisements and social media campaigns. Unfortunately, she’s also tied to Revolve Festival for a very similar reason. Revolve posted an Instagram pic of her as part of the event's promotion.

They added a caption insinuating that fans would be able to sip some 818 branded beverages with her at Revolve Festival. Knowing that someone as famous as Kendall would be part of the event was obviously a huge draw for plenty of social media influencers who went out of their way to show up. It’s unfortunate that it’s now being labeled Fyre Festival 2.0. It's time to keep an eye out for possible Netflix and Hulu documentaries coming soon!

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