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Source: Cartoon Network

The Early Reviews for 'Rick and Morty' Season 4 Are in and Fans Will Be Very Pleased


Rick and Morty's third season ended sort of retconning the direction the show was heading toward. While the vibe of the series has always been that of sincere cynicism, if you were to hear some of the show's fans talk about the series, you would think that they treated it as some philosophical religion or life code. What's worse, however, are the fans that think watching the show affords them some type of superior intelligence — these people might not like Season 4 then.

Season 3 reached new heights for an animated series: the narratives were tightly woven with wonderful plots that managed to blend emotionally poignant interactions with the show's characters along with sublime, scatological, and absurdly funny situations, all without sounding too preachy (like BoJack Horseman has been accused of). This made Season 3 a bit philosophical and "deep" at times, but never to the point of being pretentious.