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Source: Showtime

Don't Expect to Hear From Former Sheriff Ricky Edwards on 'Murder in the Bayou'


The Showtime docuseries Murder in the Bayou has raised a lot of questions about how the murders of eight women in Jefferson Davis Parish, La. were handled by local law enforcement — with some in the town even thinking local sheriffs were involved. Whether that's true or not, it's undeniable that the elected sheriff at the time, Ricky Edwards, lost the trust of many people in his jurisdiction.

Here's why families of victims lost trust in former Jennings Sheriff Ricky Edwards.

According to investigator Ethan Brown and the many witnesses and surviving family members, the Jeff Davis 8 murders remain unsolved for reasons beyond lack of evidence or an inept investigation due to lack of experience or resources. 

They believe deputies were involved in the murders and their subsequent cover-ups, and further allege that Edwards either overlooked or ignored corruption in his department.