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Source: GETTY

Where Is Robert Chambers Today? 'The Preppy Killer' Is Behind Bars but Not for Murder


Jennifer Levin was just 18 when she was killed. She'd left Dorrian's Red Hand at 4:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in August 1986 with a young man by the name of Robert Chambers, whom she'd dated on and off. They were heading for a walk in Central Park. Less than two hours later, she was found dead, strangled by her own bra. 

Chambers was arraigned on a charge of second-degree murder. His Upper East Side breeding and good looks earned him the name "The Preppy Killer." His trial was filled with victim-shaming that led to Levin being portrayed as a sexually deviant abuser. And although Chambers did take a plea deal, in 2003, he walked free. So where is Robert Chambers today?