Where Was the 2018 Movie 'Rust Creek' Filmed?

Devan McGuinness - Author

Dec. 3 2020, Published 4:26 p.m. ET

rust creek film location
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Some movies captivate us from the storyline. Others scare us or make us think about what we thought we knew about life. For other movies, it's the scenery used as the backdrop of the story that keeps it burned in our brains. For anyone curious about where the Rust Creek film location is, here's what you need to know.

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Where was 'Rust Creek' filmed?

According to IMDb, Rust Creek was released in 2018, but it's seen a revitalized audience after the title was released on Netflix on Nov. 30, 2020. The movie has everything needed to captivate people's attention. It's about a hard-working college student named Sawyer who is on her way to a job interview. 

Of course, no one expects that to go sideways, but it does. Before Sawyer can even get to her job interview, a wrong turn changes everything for her. She ends up stranded in the middle of a forest.

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rust creek
Source: Lunacy

That's scary enough on its own, but it gets worse when she finds herself a target of a group of outlaws and she has to make a deal with a stranger who may or may not be helpful. 

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Rust Creek sounds thrilling, like one of those movies that are fun to watch when you're bored and need something exciting to do. And a lot of us are bored right now and looking for new entertainment. 

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The idea of getting lost in a forest is probably something we've all thought about at least once. It's scary, so it's no surprise that people wanted to know where the movie was filmed after watching Rust Creek. Are those scary forests real? And if so, could we visit there? 

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According to IMDb, Rust Creek was filmed in and around Louisville, Kentucky. At the start of the movie, Sawyer can be seen in the city of Louisville, which is the largest city in the state.

It's not until she gets lost in the forest that the scenery gets really interesting. Much of the film takes place deep in the woods of Kentucky. It's unsettling, especially when you consider that something like this could happen to anyone. If that sort of tension is something you're into, you'll probably have a fun time watching Rust Creek.

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According to The Courier-Journal, the other locations where the film was shot include Fern Creek, St. Matthews, Floyds Fork, Iroquois Park, and additional places like Boyle, Bullitt, and Franklin counties, all in Kentucky.

"Setting is so important in this film that it almost becomes a character of its own," said the movie's producer. 

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In an interview with No Film School, Jen McGowan, the movie's director, said the Rust Creek film locations were very integral to the movie. "So we shot outside of Louisville, KY, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then we went back for about a week of pick up, about a month later. It was really important to me that there was a visual progression in the woods we were filming."

Rust Creek is available to stream now on Netflix.

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