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Source: iStock Photo / Reddit

The Silliest Thing People Actually Believed as Kids


What's the dumbest thing you've ever believed? Little kids often get weird ideas in their heads that end up solidifying as hard and fast beliefs even though they are total nonsense. Raise your hand if you, for example, believed that a watermelon would grow in your stomach if you accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed. Yeah, me too. This Ask Reddit thread is full of silly things like that (and weirder!) that people actually believed growing up. 

Oil Refinery

Source: iStock Photo

When lordsamethstarr was little, they lived in a small town that had an oil refinery, and their parents convinced them that if you farted on site, it would explode. That's a terrifying thing to tell a kindergartener, especially when said kindergartener goes on a field trip with their class and discovers they have to fart. "I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time with my hand down my pants, blocking my fart," they wrote.