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Source: iStock Photo / Reddit

Pieces of 'Common Knowledge' That Are Actually Totally False


There are pieces of knowledge that we just pick up from our everyday lives. No one necessarily sat us down and told us we eat eight spiders a year in our sleep, but it's just one of those things you hear and sounds plausible enough, so you believe it and spread the fact. Problem is a lot of "facts" like that aren't actually true. In this AskReddit thread, people shared the most common pieces of knowledge that are actually total fabrications. Some of them might shock you!


Source: iStock Photo

I think we all forget sometimes that bombs don't actually create "flaming bursts of fire." Luckyboy28 explains that "those are gasoline explosions that look good on camera, so they're used in movies. But when an actual bomb goes off, there's usually no fire, "just concussive force and shrapnel."