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Source: Imgur

20 People Share the Most Useless Thing They Carry With Them at All Times


We all have useless things we carry around with us, either for sentimental reasons or even sometimes for no reason at all. I have a keychain with beads that spell my name on my keys that my softball teammate made when I was a senior in high school. I've had it on my keys ever since then, just sort of...waiting for it to fall off, if I'm being honest. I never expected it to last this long (that is, um, 12 years now), but apparently, it is the world's most well-made keychain. And I'm not just going to take it off. That would be absurd! 

With that spirit in mind, these are the most useless things that the people of Reddit carry around with them at all times. 

A cowboy picture

Source: iStock Photo

OK, this is a weird one. When flubbererotica was in Arizona a few years ago, they bought a metal spider sculpture off an old man on the side of the road...as one does in Arizona. Then, they explain, "as a receipt he gave me a wallet-sized printed picture of him sitting proudly atop a horse, with a big white cowboy hat and he signed the back and wrote the dollar amount. I still have his picture in my wallet today."