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People Share the Celebrity Conspiracy Theories They Believe Are True



Conspiracy theories are super fun. Celebrities are fancy, mysterious beings. So it stands to reason that celebrity conspiracy theories are extra crazy and cool and interesting to consider. 

Someone asked the people Reddit to share the celebrity conspiracy theories that they actually truly believe are real, and I have to say, I'm on board with most of these.  

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Ravisium believes that Disney Channel stars often do publicity stunts in order to "sabotage" their image with the brand and release themselves from their contractual obligations to the company. This doesn't seem crazy to me. Disney is notorious for taking over the lives and images of its stars. When these kids grow up, they want to be themselves, and so they lash out, whether consciously or unconsciously, to release themselves from the clutches of the mouse.

Speaking of orchestrated celebrity scandals, MoonDoggos believes that "most if not all of the celebrity rivalries are fake" and are the vast majority of the time fabricated to help both of them promote their careers. This also makes sense to me. Celebrities are like, stupid rich. What beef could they possibly have with another super rich person? And people pay way more attention if they think Taylor Swift and Katy Perry hate each other than if they think they're BFFs.

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While we're in the realm of fabricated celebrity relationships, vixeninjeans would like us to consider the supposed romance between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson while they were in Twilight together. According to this Redditor, their whole relationship, including the cheating scandal and the breakup, was all for publicity. I like to think that even celebrities are in charge of their own love lives, but maybe this is a case of the public's image of these two having a little too much influence over the actors' real-life actions. 

This next conspiracy was expressed by several people on this thread, and it kind of makes sense. Theoptionexplicit was the first I saw to suggest that Michael Jordan was forced to retire by the NBA after he got wrapped up in some really bad stuff with his gambling problem. Some even claim that he was so deep in trouble that his father was murdered by the people to whom he owed money. That is some scary stuff.

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Sighann is convinced that Tom Cruise's whole marriage to Katie Holmes was also a sham, one that was actually orchestrated by the Church of Scientology to improve his public image at the time. Whether or not Katie Holmes was in on the scheme is a different story, but as someone who doesn't know what's going on with Tom Cruise and Scientology and very much likes to believe in ominous, secret cults, I feel like this one could totally be true.

This next one is obviously true to anyone who has ever seen an Adam Sandler movie. PapaTwoToes explains what we all know: that Adam Sandler only makes movies as an excuse to go on vacation. He's always in Hawaii or on safari in Africa or in the Caribbean on a yacht. It's shameless. And you know what I think about that? Good for him. He's really figured it out. Gamed the system. He gets to hang out with his friends, get tan, do some light "work," and get paid for it. It's the American dream. 

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Switching gears, JosefthePainter believes that Marilyn Monroe didn't commit suicide. He thinks that she was killed by the CIA because of her connection to JFK. And they're not the only one who brought this up. Apparently, Marilyn Monroe caused quite a stir in the U.S. government to the point where many feel like she was secretly silenced. You see, in a different time, it was controversial for the president of the United States not to be faithful to his wife. Oh, how times have changed.

Another side of this conspiracy coin was brought up by PMBrewer, who believes that JFF and RFK's deaths were both hits put out by Joe DiMaggio. Yes, according to them, "DiMaggio loved Marilyn Monroe 'til the day he died and when she was killed by the Kennedys he reached out to his mob connections and put a hit on both of them." This theory is really out there, but it's also pretty intriguing. Some of the questions surrounding these people's deaths will probably never actually be answered. 

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I think this one is pretty obvious to anyone who has two eyeballs. Inksmudgedhands believes that Frank Sinatra is Ronan Farrow's biological father instead of Woody Allen, and I mean, come on. Look at him. Ronan Farrow is the spitting image of Sinatra and looks nothing like Woody Allen. Those baby blues! I kind of like that Mia Farrow has not and will never say anything about the matter. She deserves her privacy, but we're not going to stop speculating.

Another Old Hollywood controversy for ya, brought again to our attention by Mrchris251... Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, and Natalie Wood all went out on Wagner's yacht. Somehow, Natalie "ended up in the water," despite not being able to swim, and she drowned. Although her death was ruled "accidental," it's long been speculated that Wagner, who was her husband at the time, had more to do with the death than he let on. In February 2018, Wagner was officially named as a person of interest in the re-opened investigation into her death.

I've heard this one before. As NicklAAAAs succinctly puts it, "Stevie ain't blind." You have to watch this clip of him performing onstage with tons of other people. Paul McCartney skips by him, knocking the microphone over as he passes. Stevie Wonder effortlessly grabs it and picks it up to right it. Now, Stevie probably just heard the microphone fall out of range, but many are convinced that he saw that microphone fall, and that's why he was able to pick it up.

Another celebrity conspiracy that we might never get answers for? The true identity of street artist Banksy. Several people believe that Banksy is really Jamie Hewlett of the Gorillaz. But Beezo514 has a more interesting theory. They believe that Banksy is not a single person. Connections have been made to several people, including Jamie Hewlett, so they believe that Banksy is really a collective of artists and designers who come up with the ideas for the pieces, and a group of other, random people who install them. 

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One of my other favorite conspiracy theories is that Beyoncé and Jay Z are in the Illuminati. Millypilly83 brought this up in the thread, and honestly? If there was one celebrity who would be in the Illuminati, I believe it would be Beyoncé. Truly not even sure they would let Jay Z in. Jay probably doesn't even know about Beyoncé's membership. The Illuminati is such a cool, weird concept that I could read about for hours, Beyoncé or no Beyoncé.

This is a new theory, but ThatBritishPleb believes that "the Area 51 meme is a ploy by the U.S. government to trick the low IQ individuals into actually attempting a raid so they can kill them during a raid as part of a nationwide eugenics program." That's a little extreme and a far cry from what is most likely the truth (a bunch of bored internet weirdos trying to stir up trouble), but it's interesting to think about nonetheless.

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And finally, last but certainly not least, Hannibus42 is convinced that Andy Kaufman is still alive and waiting for the right moment to reveal his prank to the world. I want to believe this so badly. Andy Kaufman was (is????) a comedy genius and it would bring me so much joy to learn that he faked his death all those years ago. Just the fact that there are still people out there who believe Andy Kaufman is in hiding means that whether he actually died or not, he definitely got the last laugh.

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