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Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Hugh Jackman Troll Each Other With Hilarious "Best Friends" Post



Ryan Reynolds just roasted Hugh Jackman on Best Friends Day and Jake Gyllenhaal got involved in their roast-war yet again.

There are different levels of friendships. I'd say that you behave with people you're "cool with" politely. You know what they like and what they're about, so you do nothing but show them respect because the two of you have some sort of mutual understanding.

But just because you're "cool with" them doesn't mean you can really push it when you roast them.

The ability to really roast the heck out of someone and not worry about hurting their feelings or making them angry at you is the mark of a true friendship. You know you're super close with an individual when you can pretty much joke about anything and everything and they'll laugh right along with you. Call it "taking the piss," "roasting," or just a "good-natured ribbing," but it's a surefire sign you and your pals are close if you can do that.

Maybe it's because we love seeing that "celebs are just like us," but we really appreciate a good roast session between famous people. And in Hollywood it doesn't get much better than the friendly troll-war between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

They upped the ante recently when Jake Gyllenhaal joined in, too. Now, the three of them all had a wonderful post for everyone to cherish in honor of Best Friends Day.

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Ryan posted photos of him and Hugh on a photo shoot together with the caption, "Happy #BestFriendsDay to Jake Gyllenhaal! (Not pictured)."

You may recall Ryan including Jake in a lot of his gags, like the time he interviewed / roasted himself for GQ magazine and had Jake Gyllenhaal holding the boom pole. Then there was the time Jake FaceTimed Ryan during an appearance on Late Night proving that yes, they are indeed friends.

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It didn't take long for Hugh Jackman to respond with a #BestFriendsDay post of his own. He uploaded this adorably bro-ey picture of Ryan hugging him as Hugh politely looks to the cameraman for help. The caption included Jake in the message as well, and painted Ryan as a "Stage 4 Clinger". I'm not clear on the different "clinger" levels or what the max clinger level is in Australia, but I'm assuming 4 is pretty high. Context clues and such.

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And then, of course, Gyllenhaal threw his two cents in and helped to complete the roast-trinity by offering his own #BestFriendsDay post, by putting up a photo of him and Jackman looking all suavamente together.

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Source: instagram

Ryan had something to say in response to Gyllenhaal's post, too. If his comment is correct, I'd say that it explains why the largest man in France was able to fit into the uniform of a dead soldier who looked like he was half his size in Les Miserables.

And Hugh kept the banter going, promising that he'd be having dinner with Jake... without Ryan's company, of course.

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Source: instagram

People are loving their exchanges online and would love to see the three of them engage in their specific brand of banter and hijinks on the silver screen, together.

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This is just the latest entry into the Jackman-Reynolds-Gyllenhaal bromance. Remember when the two pranked Ryan into actually wearing an ugly Christmas sweater at a party that wasn't an ugly Christmas sweater party?

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And who could forget the time that Ryan and Hugh created these prank videos for one another to help promote their respective gin and coffee brands? Ryan hilariously created a very nice commercial for Hugh, but Mr. Wolverine used it as an opportunity to roast his pal yet again during their social media war "truce."

And they're the three best best friends that anyone could have...but seriously, they look like they're having so much fun and their bromance-trifecta is just perfect.

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