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Source: twitter

Hugh Jackman Breaks Truce With Ryan Reynolds in This Gin Ad


The bromance between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is well-documented. The two stars have been happily ribbing one another for quite some time now and it always makes the internet squeal with delight whenever they do.

In fact, they roasted each other so much lately, they called a bit of a "roast truce."

While that might not be a lot of fun for everyone else, it was ultimately done for a good reason: Reynolds vowed to help develop an ad for Jackman's company: Laughing Man Coffee. Jackman's known as a stand-up guy despite playing such a scary and violent dude as Wolverine, and his coffee company's reputation is as honorable as its founder's: the company's mission is to prove you can be profitable while treating coffee growers ethically.

Reynolds has a beverage company of his own, Aviation American Gin. I haven't personally tried the booze myself, but if Reynolds' quote about the company is any indication of the quality, I can safely assume I'll love the stuff:

"I've tried every gin on the planet and Aviation is, hands down, the best. Also, I don't recommend trying every gin on the planet. Stick with this one."

I'm sold, you hear me? SOLD.