Is Scar Girl’s Scar From TikTok Real? Let's Investigate

Allison Hunt - Author

Jan. 17 2023, Published 10:26 p.m. ET

When we say the word "scar," who's the first person that comes to mind? If you're a millennial, then you probably thought of Harry Potter. If you're Gen Z, then you probably thought of Scar Girl.

For those of you who need a little help keeping up with the kids these days, Scar Girl is a TikTok creator (@wtmab) named Annie. She's a stunning girl who just so happens to have a large scar on her face. Or does she? Because a lot of TikTok seems to think that the scar is fake.

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Who is Scar Girl on TikTok?

Scar Girl, also known as Annie, is a TikTok creator that tends to post lip sync videos. Annie is known for having a scar on her face, however people seem to think that it actually isn't real.

Many people commenting are joking about how committed Annie is to the "bit," as well as telling her to go get her money. There are also a lot of comments on how the scar changes location and sizes hence the suspicion around the validity of the scar.

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Is Scar Girl's scar fake?

One TikTok sleuth took old footage of Annie's scar when it first happened vs. what it looks like now, and it does look quite different. But sometimes things scab over very dark brown so we didn't find this too alarming. However, the angle of the scar is what seems most sus here.

Annie actually took to TikTok herself to explain what happened. In the video above, she says that the difference in size is because she actually has two scars. The first is from when the originally injury happened (we were not able to find an explainer video for this). The second supposedly occurred when she applied topical cream that ended up burning her face, creating an even bigger scar. Annie also said that her body has always taken long to heal, which is why the scar is still as visible as it is.

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In the video, Annie uses makeup wipes to try to wipe the scar off, showing that nothing comes off her skin.

However, even that video didn't appear to work as there are tons of comments such as, "Why are you gaslighting me?"

Annie posted another video of herself attempting to wipe off her scar to no avail. A condensed version of her caption reads:

"Originally in March of 2020, when I was injured and realized that this would be a permanent mark on my face forever, I was embarrassed... It was until one day that I realized that covering my scar and openly hating it was a disservice to those close to me and myself suffering from insecurities... My account was made to show those out there, they’re more than their scars. Not to have a comment section showing those same people they should hate themselves because of their scars. I’ll never stop using my platform for DV awareness and body positivity. I hope this video is what y’all need to move on or at least understand."

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We agree, Annie, we think the internet needs to move on. If the scar is fake and this has all been a ploy for attention, then so what? Clearly it worked. Annie can go unpack her reasoning for faking it with her therapist, not with the haters in her comments.

And if the scar is real (which, unpopular opinion, but we believe that it is), then all of these people are just making it harder on a poor girl who's already having to navigate society's unreachable standards for women.

Either way, let's send her healing vibes (both for her inner and outer self) and let's move the f--k on. OK, we're stepping off our soapbox now.

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