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14 Reasons Millennials Are Actually the Worst


'Millennial' isn't just a catchphrase for all the young people that you hate, but I do understand why you think it is. The generation of millennials were actually born between the early '80s and the late '90s — so anyone who's between the ages of college senior and mid-30's adult kind of fits in the range. 

I'm not sure if this has happened to every generation when they hit the job market, but my fellow group of millennials is definitely the hippest scapegoat to troll these days, and it's not just because they'd rather eat avocados than put their money toward a down payment.

No, we're also blamed for the economy, looked down on for having to hustle our way through the gig economy, and told that the reason we suffer from mental health issues is because of too much Netflix. And even though most of this is actually the fault of the Baby Boomer generation, I'll try to do the un-millennial thing of not getting offended and letting it all slide like Teflon (that's a thing you older folk say, right?) to join you in laughing at my peers.

Because let's face it, cat cafes and duck lips are worth the roast. At least a tiny bit. And even if you are a millennial, I invite you to agree that the following people deserve to be canceled. Below, 14 of the most facepalm millennial things that'll make you both laugh and cringe.

1. "I thought Twitter invented hashtags?"

Source: reddit

Oof. So, my fellow cohort, I admit I'm a bit embarrassed here. This Yahoo! user was probably on the younger age of the spectrum, but I am here to remind everyone who only remembers cell phones that before the age of Twitter, the pound sign, as it was called, served to delineate numbers. It's also the button you had to press occasionally when talking to an operator.

And the older generation has probably caught on, but yeah, they're called hashtags now!