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31 Things That Really Frustrate Baby Boomers



For some reason, Baby Boomers all love to complain about the same exact things. In case you don't know, Baby Boomers are the generation born between the mid-to-late 1940s and the early '60s. According to Wikipedia, they are tend to "think of themselves as a special generation," which could explain why they hate everything, or anyone, that doesn't fit the Baby Boomers. 

And millennials. Don't even get them started on the youth. So, what frustrates Baby Boomers the most? Keep scrolling to find out.  

1. How millennials are ruining everything, even the NFL.

2. Your phone habits are a serious issue to them.

3. They seem to hate understanding cognitive dissonance. Oh, and tattoos.

4. They have a fresh hatred for ordering at eating establishments, for some reason.

5. Retail workers are natural enemies of the baby boomer, as well.

6. Baby boomers also hate personal responsibility for some reason.

7. Silencing their phone is just something they're not cool with, either.

8. Did I mention how much they loathe retail workers?

9. Don't even get them started on all the holes in our jeans.

10. Or the fact that back in their day, TV was so much simpler.

11. They love taking important calls smack dab in a movie theater.

12. They also don't like your avocado toast. Put it down.

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13. They want that booth seat and will wait for it, darn it.

14. If you show them a picture on your phone, they will zoom in.

15. Their passive aggressiveness is real.

16. You will know what's been "bothering" them, no matter what.

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17. They will pay cash. They will be precise in this transaction.

18. SIRI is a big deal to the baby boomer.

19. Why aren't the lights on?

20. I guess that's why the History channel used to be all Hitler footage.

21. They're unhealthily obsessed with the weather, for some reason.

22. On how to made it to work, home, the store, your place, etc.

23. Do they not know what the space bar is used for?

24. They really want you off that darn phone thing.

25. Cursive is pointless. But don't tell that to a Baby Boomer.

26. If you got a received a gift, you better have a stack of Thank You cards ready to send out.

27. They want to let you know that drinking from the hose on a hot summer day was paradise.

28. A lot of their friends are dead. They want you to know that and their opinions.

29. If they're calling you from the car without their hands, you will know about it.

30. They can never figure out how the darn thing works, either.

31. In their defense, pecans are delicious.

And pecan pie, what? I'm siding with the Boomers on this one.

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